Ten years ago, two young man Jun and Sen with their dream and enthusiasm, established the first company named Queensun Lighting & Electronics Limited (Queensun), and engined in HID.


Eight years ago, the second series LED auto lamps were launched


Five years ago, LED auto lamps were developed more catalog, included the first generation SMD auto bulbs, the first generation BMW LED marker and DRL


In 2009 Queensun entered into home and commercial lighting. Queensun® LED strip was on sale.

In July the company registered and established an office in Hong Kong


Two years ago, the second generation BWM LED Marker, the second generation DRL, High Power LED auto bulbs and LED Emergency Kit had come out.


In 2012 Queensun developed Fast Bright HID ballast, fast bright HID bulbs, New Technology SMD LED bulbs, the third generation high power LED auto bulbs, HID work lights, LED work lights, the third generation BMW LED marker.


In 2013, the second generation LED Emergency Kit and LED headlight were launched

In 2013 the second Company Queensun Co.,Ltd is preparing to register, and will be found at the beginning of 2014.


Our Company’s Main products are HID, SMD auto bulbs, high power LED auto bulbs,  BWM LED marker, DRL, HID work lights/Driving lights, LED work lights, LED light bar, LED Emergency Kit, auto LED headlight etc


We have two brand LUXE™ and ECON™ for HID

Other products are marked with QUEENSUN®